Freddie Freeman Forms Heartwarming Connection with Young Fan Behind Detailed Report on Dodgers Star

Freddie Freeman recently visited the Jason Heyward Baseball Academy in Chicago, where he had the opportunity to meet a young fan. A young kid from the academy prepared a report for the LA Dodgers first baseman and had it read in front of his hero, according to a touching post on MLB Network.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Atlanta Braves

Along with Dodgers player Mookie Betts, the coach instructed the young fan to bring the report to Freeman, who was present at the school. After that, Freeman took the report and read it out to the group. He was grateful that the rising star had written about him.

The academy, located on Chicago’s West Side, was founded a year ago by Dodgers outfielder Jason Heyward to give young boys and girls, ages 6 to 14, the chance to play baseball.

Situated in a 150,000-square-foot community center, the academy offers local children and their families sports, fitness, and educational programs. There are two batting cages and a turf baseball diamond at the facility.

Dodgers' Freddie Freeman returns to Atlanta and emotions – and tears – flow  – Orange County Register

Freddie Freeman on playing the complete 162-game schedule: “Until I’m told to sit down”

Sports in America have changed. In the past, teams and players lacked sufficient depth to justify missing games due to rest and ιnjury. Today, organizations have adopted a new strategy to prevent jeopardizing players’ availability throughout the postseason: resting and monitoring every ache and pаin.

Dodgers' Freddie Freeman returns to Atlanta and emotions – and tears – flow  – Orange County Register

Freddie Freeman is among the rare few who can still show up in close proximity to the MLB’s 162-game schedule. The first baseman participated in 161 games last season.

“Until I’m told to sit down, I will figҺt you until you literally don’t put me in the lineup card,” said Freddie Freeman. But that’s simply my оutlооk on life in general. That is what I am supposed to do.Being a teacher is more than just sitting there imparting knowledge. I play baseball for a living. My dad always tells me to take a day off, and he does it at least 100 or 150 times a day. “Dad, you know that’s not going to happen,” I said.Since 1961, fewer than five players per season have, on average, completed the whole regular season schedule, according to ESPN’s Jeff Passan. There were four last year: Juan Soto, Marcus Semien, Matt Olson, and Eugenio Suarez.